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 American Nursing Institute


The American Nursing Institute (ANI), a subsidiary of GHSN, was developed to provide a comprehensive range of nursing and allied health education and training programs throughout the world.

The ANI teaching strategies engage students in developing critical thinking skills, interactive classroom learning, hands-on learning experiences in skills labs, comprehensive experience in the clinical environment, as opposed to merely memorizing facts.

Our Mission is to prepare world-class nursing professionals who are committed to patient-centered care and, thereby, together, we positively impact the communities we serve.

Our goal is to support and provide innovative and sustainable solutions to hospitals and healthcare organizations around the world.  As such, training and capacity building of healthcare staff is of pivotal importance and an area of focus for GHSN in its services to its clients.

In order to provide the best possible outcomes in training, ANI designs its programs to have the following characteristics:

  • Customized to the local environment, culture, and practice of medicine

  • Provided on location, in country

  • Focused on practical skills and critical thinking which will be immediately applicable

  • Multi-dimensional format: lecture, discussion, self-learning modules, demonstration, simulation, clinical environment

  • Provision of U.S. continuing education credits from an accredited U.S. University

The ANI programs, in collaboration with U.S. colleges and universities, such as the Eastern Michigan University College of Health and Human Services, have experienced faculty, lecturers, and staff members who are hand selected for their expertise in educational approaches and clinical expertise.


All ANI staff members have a desire to work in international education, creating a network of staff members who have worked in more than 60 countries. The ANI has a continuously growing network of over 50 experienced faculty, lecturers, staff, and consultants with a wide variety of skills and expertise.

ANI Characteristics

  • Strong focus on the patient and family

  • Led by U.S. faculty with an international curriculum

  • Tele-education programs with U.S. universities

  • Education to employment services

  • University without borders approach

For more information on our programs or if you are interested in becoming a member of our faculty, please contact

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